PTS.024 : fbncci! – Ancient Dune Technologies

Featured for our 24th release, fbncci! (pronounced ‘Fibonacci’, like the 13th century Italian mathematician) is an artist who is constantly searching for hidden truths and interesting phenomena that lay in the commonplace. He has always been fascinated with the Fibonacci sequence and how it embodies the concept of ubiquitousness. He’s been producing music since he was a wee lad, but he has been focused on house and techno over the last few years. Ancient Dune Technologies hosts 5 tracks of minimal house material the well represents his philosophy around music itself, using small pieces peppered throughout the beats to push the tune forward and keep the listener hooked.

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PTS.023 : BAllA – Stamped Steps

BAllA is a producer from S├úo Paulo, currently based in Detroit. He has been heavily inspired by his experiences here so far and, by living in the birthplace of techno, he has soaked up new flavors of music and released them into his own recordings. Stamped Steps EP consists of three floor slammers that feature an extra spoonful of strange, marking his unique sound. ‘Techno Geek’ will certainly turn the listener into one, with a psychedelic vocal rip that bends the mind. ‘Space Cops on Acid’ definitely has the stress and feeling of an interstellar run from the law. If those two hadn’t loosened the spine enough, ‘Liquidation’ comes in last with extra ‘elastic’ energy, if you know what we mean. ­čśë

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PITSCAST.026 – Psy-Chick

Everybody is talking about spooky season, so Psy-Chick has brought together some jams that will be sure to raise your heart rate! Plenty of breakbeat goodies peppered atop these fast grooves. We have enjoyed experiencing her live sets as well, having made a splash into the Detroit scene recently, getting connected with the venerable Seraphine Collective. Get locked up by her mix and be ready for the coming of Hallow’s Eve.

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PITSCAST.025 – Volast

pitscast 025 vo

Volast is officially the little brother of the Detroit electronic music scene. He has already shown his skills with production on his prior EP release with us here at PITS. He is back again, this time with a DJ mix featuring smooth blends of minimal house and techno. Just the right vibe to kick Monday off with a vengeance. Tune in to the 25th installment of our podcast series.

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