We are happy to welcome JEM (@jem4u) to our PITSACST series!

She’s the founder of Every Woman Music (@everywomanmusic), a Detroit-based initiative aimed at connecting women in the electronic music scene and helping them gain more experience, exposure and inclusion. Her passion is evident in this project, recently hosting a series of live streams to raise funds for a variety of charitable organizations while also using her platform to support femme artists trying to get a foothold in the music world.

As exemplified in this burning hot mix, her style tends to gravitate towards electro, breaks, and 90s rave material.She draws her inspiration from outer space, the jungle, the color blue, and late nights lurking in the depths of a dark after hours club.



Follow them @babexhouse <<< Special edition mix for the end of Women's History Month ~~


New mix from Haider Uppal, featuring some fresh dubby and minimal stuff that is inspiring his music + also paving way for forthcoming material from him!!

Glowing Terms – Hold A Candle EP

Hold A Candle is an homage to the distance between us and how we remain connected in digital worlds. It’s an attempt to share that human warmth we all need through the transmission of sound. Glowing Terms (@glowing-terms) has certainly encapsulated that feeling on his latest EP, giving the listener a sense of relief that transcends pandemic paranoia. What is human connection? What will it mean to us in the future? These questions are explored from the first to the final track, providing a nuanced sonic narrative.


Happy to feature JENNGREEN of GREENHAUS RADIO! ( ^ – ^)

She has provided a stellar mix featuring some of her favorite Detroit and Chicago artists/producers — plus assorted dub techno, deep house & classic house tracks nestled in as well.

Jenn is a Detroit born transplant living in Seattle after living in Chicago for 6 years. She has been hosting and producing her own radio shows since 2011 and starting DJing live in 2016. You can hear Jenn broadcasting her show GREENHAUS Radio live Sunday’s semi-weekly on VPN – virtualpublic.net from 20:00 – 22:00 PST. Previously, Jenn held a long-time residency with RWD.FM from 2013 – 2018