PTS.023 : BAllA – Stamped Steps

BAllA is a producer from São Paulo, currently based in Detroit. He has been heavily inspired by his experiences here so far and, by living in the birthplace of techno, he has soaked up new flavors of music and released them into his own recordings. Stamped Steps EP consists of three floor slammers that feature an extra spoonful of strange, marking his unique sound. ‘Techno Geek’ will certainly turn the listener into one, with a psychedelic vocal rip that bends the mind. ‘Space Cops on Acid’ definitely has the stress and feeling of an interstellar run from the law. If those two hadn’t loosened the spine enough, ‘Liquidation’ comes in last with extra ‘elastic’ energy, if you know what we mean. 😉

>>> Stream / Download Here! <<<


The nylon prince, XIA, has emerged once again to provide some silky techno grooves for the fine folks of the digital world. Being a co-founder of PITS, he stays close to the sounds coming from across the pond and helps inform the direction of the label. This mix, like his forthcoming Exile EP, is a mixture of ambient, nu techno, and traditional rave breaks. Tune in and get ready!


PITSCAST.013 – Cyber Girl

Next up on our podcast series is a mind-melting mix from Cyber Girl including plenty of highly acidic material (^_^) She is a talented DJ and producer of Spanish descent, with a foot in both Detroit and Ann Arbor. She is part of the electronic music collective MEMCO throwing great parties in our sister city with an authentic focus on inclusiveness and diversity.

PTS.010 : John Joseph – Get Vicious EP

John Joseph is the founder and purveyor of the PITS label from Detroit, Michigan. His latest EP, Get Vicious, is an exploration of genres in electronic music ranging from acid, to techno, to electro. Over the past two years, he has soaked up a massive amount of material coming from within the city and it has translated into a diversity of releases. These four tracks are focused on the dance floor, as well as sharing a snapshot in time. During a period of great change for Detroit, it is this music that has been consistent in bringing people together. And here, John captures the feeling of moving your body and being ‘vicious’ in expressing yourself. It is an invitation to let go of outer judgements, and truly be free. Stream / Download: