PTS.025 : John Joseph – Nu Detroit Groove EP

Times are changing in Detroit, and it’s not necessarily good for everyone. People that have lived in the city their whole lives are being displaced by gentrification and rising rent prices, while a host of companies that give little in the way of value reap huge benefits from the highly publicized ‘rebirth’ and ‘revitalization’ currently underway. This new world is often negatively referred to as ‘New Detroit.’ As with all places, it’s essential to bring in new people and new ideas to continue to grow and evolve. Through electronic music, the new folks and the old guard come together to educate and be educated on what challenges continue to face this place in time and space. On this EP, John Joseph (@johnjosephdet) would like to share sounds that encapsulate this point of view. By mixing the nu with the old, it’s possible to create something unique and beautiful.