PTS.011 : BeatLoaf – Vyjack EP

BeatLoaf has returned from the kitchen once again, this time with a couple of delicious electro jack dishes that will leave the taste buds ablaze! His Vyjack EP starts out with ‘Gate Dancer’ which can only be described as smoke and lasers transcribed into audio form. The title track ‘Vyack’ follows it up with a longer mix and a deep vocal sample calling ‘everybody’ to the dance floor.

Stream / Download:

PRMR.001 : Permeator – Broken

Permeator has been previously released on PITS as Twoven and we are happy to have him back again under his more techno heavy alias. Broken certainly boasts a dark, foggy sound that is club friendly, but also has the feeling of staring across a field as the crops turn from the summer to fall.

PRMR (Premiere) is PITS series of singles featuring exciting new electronic artists from Detroit.