PTS.001 : John Joseph – Saint Aubin EP

For the initial release on the PITS label, John Joseph’s Saint Aubin EP has brought an alternative approach to the Detroit electronic sound. The first track, Been Around That Track, features the producer on vocals sharing his tumultuous relationship with the creative process. On The Lodge features King Visionary on vocals, drawing on the feeling of being home yet in motion like M-10 itself.

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PITSCAST.003 – John Joseph

Our featured mix this month is a special one for many reasons. It was recorded at the recent farewell party for Grenadier Club, our venue and home base for many of the after hours events we put on in Detroit.

PITS was born out of the opportunities granted to us through Grenadier, and the sister venue McCarthy’s. The event @ Tangent Gallery, an offsite LEGAL venue, was subsequently shut down by DPD before any money could be raised for the already outstanding fines incurred by the amazing staff. John Joseph had a chance to get his tracks in first tho šŸ˜‰

Please enjoy and thank you for all the support Gren family <3 JJ

PITSCAST.002 – Ill Fusion

For the second installment of our PITSCAST series, Ill FusionĀ aka David Kloosterman has provided us with a mix that reminisces on the corners of Hart Plaza underground near closing time. Consistent in his ability to seamlessly mix a texture of whirling hats, acid synths, and droning bass, he has certainly provided as much here. Dubbed by “Birds Still Sing in Gotham” this mix is truly an homage to our dark city and the hope we have. Strap in, and forget your place in time & space.

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PITSCAST.001 – Alexander Schwank

Welcome to the first installment of our PITSCAST series.

Our first guest has performed at several of our events here in Detroit, and it is safe to say he will take us on a smooth ride to techno heaven. An Austrian born DJ, he has played in clubs throughout Europe and Southeast Asia and dipped deeply into dance culture globally. His sounds bring a feeling that is undeniably a unique interpretation of his place in time and space.

We are pleased to welcome, Alexander Schwank.

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